Am I eligible for assisted housing?

  • All applicants must have an annual gross household income which is less than the federally published limit. Income limits change annually.
  • Applicants for must have at least one family member who is 62 years of age or older or has a disability.
  • A background check is conducted on all applicants.

Do I qualify for housing if I have substantial assets in savings, stocks or bonds?
Yes – When determining eligibility, we count all sources of income, such as wages, social
security, pensions, disability compensation, etc. We count only the interest from assets in stocks,
bonds, savings, etc.

If I sell my home what happens?
The home is an asset. When you sell it, we require a settlement sheet that shows the selling price
of the home, and related expenses, such as broker fees, taxes, unpaid mortgage balance, etc.
We subtract these from the sale price to arrive at the actual asset value. You may invest your
assets as you choose.

Is it true that you do not count assets in an Irrevocable Trust?
Yes-However, we must count any money given on your behalf, from trust. For example, if the trust
paid for your medical insurance of $800.00 a year, we include the $800.00 as income. If the trust
paid for a new car and it is in your name, we count the amount the trust paid for the car.

If my partner becomes unable to live in our home and must reside in a care center, how is
the rent calculated?
You have two options. You may either keep your partner on the lease and count that persons income
and expenses, or you may choose to take them off the lease and not count their income or

May I have a pet?
Yes – a small pet is allowed. A pet deposit is required, the pet must be neutered or spayed, permission must be granted by the Housing Authority before aquiring the pet and additional responsibilities will be addressed at that time.

How much is the Rent?
Rent is income based and will generally equal 30% of the gross household income. Each building has minimum and maximum rents.

Do I have to pay a Security Deposit?
Security deposits are required before moving in. The amount of Security Deposit varies from property to property.


  • Cable hook up is available
  • Storage area for each unit
  • Carpet provided
  • Laundry facilities in each building
  • Security entrance system
  • Locked mailboxes
  • Utilities included in rent
  • Off street parking
  • Community room with kitchen available to tenants for pot lucks, birthday parties, family gatherings, etc.
  • Noon meals available at the Senior Dining site at Watertower Apartments