Step 1 Eligibility
The Prescott Housing Authority provides affordable housing for persons who are:

  • Senior citizens (over 62 years old)
  • Living with a disability
  • Families with children
  • And have gross annual income below the HUD established limits for River Falls.
  • Households with family members who have been convicted of criminal activity are
  • not eligible for housing.

Step 2 Application
An eligible household may complete and return an application to the Prescott Housing Authority
In person: Pick up an application at 625 N. Main Street
By phone: Contact 715-425-7640 to have an application mailed to you.
On-line: For a printable application CLICK HERE
All applications must be signed and returned to the office with a legible copy of a current
driver’s license or photo ID for all adults in the household and a copy of every household
member’s social security card.

Step 3 Waiting List
A police record background check is completed on every adult household member to
determine eligibility.
Applications from eligible households will be placed on the waiting list as of the date and
time the completed application is received.
The length of the waiting list varies building-by-building. The Housing Authority will
determine the number of bedrooms for which the household is eligible. Applicants will
be notified by mail of the estimated length of the wait for the building(s) they’ve selected.
Applicants are responsible for notifying the Housing Authority of any changes in mailing
address or family composition during the wait.

Step 4 Interview
Applicants will be notified by mail to contact the Prescott Housing Authority to schedule an
interview when their name nears the top of the list.
During the interview, all information needed to determine rent and eligibility will be
discussed. Applicant will be asked about income, assets, medical expenses, childcare
expenses and rental references.
Come to the interview prepared; bring any of the following information that applies:
A copy of your most recent Social Security award letter.
Address of employer or other income source including pensions and IRAs.
Addresses of all assets including stock, bonds, mutual funds or other investments.
Addresses of all previous landlords.
Senior citizens or disabled persons should bring addresses of any ongoing
medical expenses including medical insurance.
Family applicants should bring addresses of child care providers.

Step 5 Viewing the apartment
The Prescott Housing Authority will show a vacant apartment to applicants at the time of the interview.